Final Post in Argentina

I think I’ve subconsciously put off my blog because the end was coming so soon and I didn’t want to address it. But here it is…my final post in Argentina. A single blog cannot fully capture everything I’ve experienced these 8 months. I’ve gained so much. Family. Culture. Growth. Experience. Spanish. Independence. Boldness. Gratitude. And perhaps most importantly, 65 people I now call my best friends…mis hermanos y hermanas. I pray a prayer of praise to our Lord God Almighty, the Big Man Upstairs, the Beginning and the End. My blog was named “All Things Under the Sun” to remind me that there are the things of this world that we can enjoy and find pleasure in, but they’re only the things under the sun. Our God is the only thing that remains in the end, He’s the Creator and the Savior. He is the only thing that lasts for an eternity. I couldn’t praise Him enough for everything He’s done in me this year. I’m a changed man and a renewed man of God…but only by the grace of Jesus Christ. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Argentina. Thank you to everyone I’ve considered a brother or sister. I love you all. Besos.


About David Chang

8 months in South America.
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One Response to Final Post in Argentina

  1. KC says:

    DChang– you should post in Espanol =0) Solamente un pensamiento. Jaja. ::Kaycee::

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