My Bucket List

This is my bucket list before we all head out of Argentina. It’s something a few of us have decided to do to, in a way, force ourselves to fully take advantage of our remaining time here. Thinking back, I have certainly accomplished a lot. From spontaneously jumping into a fountain in the middle of the city to driving on the streets of Buenos Aires…I couldn’t even begin to list all that I’ve done. But here are some activities or commitments I want to make before I leave this place I’ve come to call home. For all of you in the BA program right now…make your list, post it somewhere, and make sure people keep you accountable to it.

1. Take out the Chinese couple who own a laundromat one block from mi casa. This couple works 12 hours a day every day, and it doesn’t seem like they have a very exciting life. With them, I’m able to practice my Chinese for at least 10 minutes every two weeks when I bring them my laundry. I know they have one daughter that lives in BA and that they immigrated from China, but that’s the extent of it. I plan to take them out to dinner one night after they’re done working and dive into their lives a little more than just handing them my dirty clothes.

2. Play music on the subte with some friends. We take the subte all the time, and if we’re lucky there’s someone playing music for us. This is one of those things that I want to do just for fun, but it’s a huge step for me to bring my instrument on a train and play music in a language that no one understands, even if it’s with my friends. I know this will be worth it and that it will be something we’ll all remember, we just gotta do it.

3. Have a beer with Rafa. Rafael de Sanzo is our Program Director down here, and he’s quite the character. I’ve learned a lot from him. Simply put…I wanna learn more.

That’s it. Short, simple, and fun. All of you who see me everyday, make sure I do these things or that I least have it planned. Let’s leave this place without being able to say, “I wish I had _________________.”


About David Chang

8 months in South America.
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