Road Trip!

The Route.

What an epic trip. Seven of us packed into a tiny van/car and loaded our stuff on top and headed as for north as we could go. We drove from cities through deserts to nothingness up forested mountains between vineyards alongside red cliffs under sun, rain, lightning, and fog. We had great conversations about anything you can think of, from God to family to relationships to poop to music to sports. We challenged each other, grew together, and slept on top of one another. We camped at the salt flats, on a random mountain, and drove through the night to hostels and bed&breakfasts. It was the most diverse trip, and it all came with the freedom of our stick shift Renault Kangoo named Tito. Enjoy the pictures and video that sum up how epic our journey of 3,082km and 50 hours of driving was.

...from Córdoba to Tucumán.

camping at the salt flats

the group at the salt flats

We drove through this forest.

Tafí del Valle...mountain pass valley.

Las Ruinas de Quilmes...Incan ruins.

in the mountains of Cafayate.

With our baby, Tito, in front of the red cliffs of Cafayate.

The boys in front of our final destination...El Obelisco.


About David Chang

8 months in South America.
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