Córdoba fue increíble. La tierra, la gente, la comida, y especialmente los caballos. Esta semana pasada fue una de las más divertidas semanas acá en Argentina. No hay palabras que puedan describir la experiencia en la estancia o en las sierras.


Anyway, Córdoba was AWESOME. Living on a 400-year old estancia, riding horses through the hills, visiting the salt flats, trekking through the valleys of horses, and spending time in a country paradise with awesome people. Let the photos begin.

The estancia we stayed at was owned by a family from Australia who had owned the estancia but had begun renovating it about 10 years ago. Now the grandma lives there with her daughter, her daughter’s husband (amazing chef), and their 3-year old daughter. It was built in 1597. Since the fourteen of us were the only group there, we were specially treated by them and got to know the family quite well.

The first day, we went on a four-hour long horseback ride through the sierra. I love horses so much. We climbed through crazy terrain and got to gallop the horses a bit.

Me and my stallion.

One of my favorite pictures of the horses running up a mountain.

CRAZY STORY. About five of us were allowed to/had the guts to gallop with our horses, so our tour guide took us to an open field to gallop them. Galloping with a horse is a magical feeling. To fully feel the power of a horse and see how fast they can go is amazing. You just give them a nice, hard kick and a loud scream and they’re off. Amazing. Anyway, our last run…Brandon was in the back of the pack and we were running toward the rest of the group when I turn around and see him rolling on the ground. He literally got thrown off of his horse in full gallop. The horse’s saddle was turned to the bottom of his stomach and was literally going crazy and running circles around Brandon. Maybe you don’t fully understand. People who fall off horses break bones, get paralyzed, or DIE. Not only did Brandon avoid all of those scenarios, he avoided the huge boulders that were all over the field, the horse going crazy and stepping on him, and getting his foot stuck in the stirrup and getting dragged along by the psycho horse. Only by God’s grace was he able to walk away from that a little shaken up with minor bruises.

The gallopers a few seconds before Brandon's fall.

The rest of the horseback ride was incredible.

...except I stepped in horse poop.

Where we were riding to.

At the top with the boys.

The next day, we walked down the road to visit some caves. There really wasn’t much, but it was a fun time to feel like Indiana Jones for a while.

The caves/rock overhang.

Top of the world.

Later, we went to the Salt Flats. It was pretty much a huge, flat desert but was covered in salt. Yes, real salt…I tasted it. We got there right at sunset and we were able to take some sweet pictures. It was also a little wet because it had rained a week before, so there was literally miles of 8 inches of water along the flats. Amazing.

Perfect sunset.



Then we built a nice little bonfire and ate some amazing stew cooked by the legit Australian chef. We ended up leaving the salt flats at 5am and arrived back at the estancia at 8am. Fun timez.

mmmmmm steewwwwwww.


The next day was a nice, chill hike through the fields. It was great to just see the terrain and the beauty of the area. So peaceful. The best part was definitely walking through a field of free horses. They were so free and so happy. I could just stand there and watch them run around all day. There were black stallions, beautiful brown horses, little horselings, and even a donkey (pobrecito). But I was pretty much convinced at that point to save up for my own ranch and herd of horses someday and just pasar el tiempo con mi esposa. Sounds like a pretty romantic honeymoon to me.

One day...this will be mine.

That was pretty much it for the weekend. So tranquilo and perfecto. Next up? Two days of classes and then finals. One more weekend in BA. Then 7 weeks of traveling South America freely. I have no real plans yet, so stay tuned. It will be incredible.


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8 months in South America.
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