Great weekend in BA

The past two days have been a blast. We’ll just get right into it. Sunday, a bunch of us went to the San Telmo fair. There are a lot of fairs in Buenos Aires, and this is the third time I’ve been to one. They’re just really fun because it’s just a bunch of street-side vendors selling all kinds of stuff. We met these two American dudes who recently moved down to Argentina, created their own hot sauce (cuz apparently Argentina doesn’t have any), and started selling it for fun and for some extra cash. We were their first customers ever. I bought some sunglasses for five bucks and then got a sweet bottle opener for free from a waitress at a restaurant (instead of buying the same one for 4 bucks at the fair).

Cool shot on the subte.

Then later, we went to a polo match. Polo is weird. To summarize the rules: 4 vs. 4, everyone’s on a horse with a whip in one hand and a long golf club-type stick in the other, eight 7-minute periods, alternate goals after every goal. It was probably the most high-class event I’ve ever been to. Everyone there was very attractive and foo-foo. To put it simply, it was an event for rich Argentines and foreigners. It was definitely a good experience, I just wish I researched the rules beforehand. I actually felt bad for the horses, because they were the ones doing all the work, and it seemed very dangerous for them. The polo players just swing their sticks as hard as they can no matter how much traffic they’re in, and they run them into other horses all the time. One horse got hurt during the game and they had to carry it off the field; I don’t wanna think about what happened afterward.

Polo in action.

The boys at the game.

Then tonight, we had our Casa Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone either made a dish, served, or cleaned up to contribute to the dinner. All day, there were people running all over the Casa and cooking in the kitchen. The end result was a giant FEAST with about 5 tables full of food and 3 turkeys. It was amazing how well everything came together. Then we had a nice little photoshoot by the Christmas tree under the mistletoe. Great timez at the Casa.


Awkward family photo.

Mi esposa, Morgan.

Also, I’m leaving Wednesday till Sunday with the best group in the world to Córdoba. That will probably be my next update unless something crazy happens before that. The plan for Córdoba? Go to a private ranch, get great food, ride horses through mountains, go hiking, go to the Salt Flats (miles of flat land made of salt), and bond with amazing people. Sounds like a good plan to me. Chau!


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