Colonia, Uruguay

Our entire program took a day-long trip to Uruguay (just a two-hour boat ride) for fun. Well, the real reason was that we all need to renew our passports within 90 days of entering the country, so we took a day off classes for the sole purpose of getting a stamp so we can “legally” stay in the country. But I guess that also includes a free lunch, walking around a new town, and renting any type of motored vehicle and drive it wherever you want. Needless to say, it was really fun.

Colonia is something like the oldest town in Uruguay created by Portugal and some other country as a cushion town. I really don’t know, didn’t put much effort into listening to the tour guide. I got four hours of sleep the night before and we had to leave at 7am. But skipping to the fun stuff…we had some free time to walk around the town, so a bunch of us just had a photoshoot. Took some pictures here, took some there, took some on top of a lighthouse, others by cool looking walls. The town was created in like the 1600s or something so it was just cool to see how old everything looked.

Colonia from the boat.

Old town, Colonia.

Rosten chillin' with some locals.

On top of the lighthouse with Christie and Molls.

But the FUN part came after. They had rentals all around the city for ATVs, scooters, motorcycles, little cars, and golf carts. So Cameron Kubota and I hopped onto a heavy-duty golf cart that Molly Lowe (Balls) and Hayley Klotz (Pales) rented. It was a two-seater but had a truck bed in the back, so me and Cameron ended up standing over them with our cameras snapping shots. The next hour was taken up by driving through the city and its surrounding areas driving recklessly and breaking all motor laws. Speed bumps had never been so fun.


First time driving since leaving the States.

Mollz (Balls) and Haylz (Pales) rollin through town.

Dang...look at that ride.

Well, that’s pretty much what went down in our one-day trip to Uruguay. I’ll definitely make my way up there for an extended stay in the future, but it’s always awesome to go somewhere new.


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