Hairy Update

I’ve updated a lot about trips and such, but here’s a “just in general” update. We held a Halloween party at the Casa with all the students (BA isn’t that big on Halloween) and we had a blast. My costume? Un hombre viejo. Btw…I won the costume contest with my geezer friend.

My new hairstyle for my costume.

Mi amigo, Cody.

So, why did I do this? I figured I wanted to do something crazy with my hair, so I just thought of this costume and did it. Only because I’m in Argentina and am comfortable with my group…I would never do something like this back home. So after my costume expired, I wanted to make it into something really cool. My first idea was the Argentine sun on the back of my head (the sun on the Argentine flag). But then that was too hard, so we came up with this.


Thanks to mi hombre, Matt Hibbs, I owned up to my nickname down here and carved “CHINO” into the back of my head. I know, crazy. I was in schock for a while, but now i’m starting to get used to it. Walking out on the streets with it was a little uncomfortable at first, but there are millions of people in this city. I’m hoping now it’ll be a conversation starter and I’ll be able to talk with more people. Now some background on the word “chino”. It’s not something that’s held with a negative connotation. It’s just a simple nickname that can be assigned to anyone. Mi padre told me before that his nickname was “Chino” back in the day cuz he had small eyes. So I’m not walking around making racist comments about myself. It’s just something different.

On another note, my American hermano, Vince, is leaving this week. It’s gonna be weird to eat dinner without him. I’m gonna have to start to get creative with dinner topics and whatnot. But it just reminds me how fast time goes by and how I need to fully take advantage of all my time.

Our program is also taking the day off on Thursday for a full-day trip to Uruguay. We’re going to a place called Colonia…I have no idea what it’s like. The main reason we’re going is because we all need to renew our passports and leave the country within 90 days, but I’ll take a free trip to a different place any day.


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8 months in South America.
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3 Responses to Hairy Update

  1. christine says:

    i wasnt mentioned in this post like i thought i’d be. hahahahah.
    but i read it (:
    and ill let you know when mama chang adds or… declines my request ): mer.

  2. Tami Duff (Cameron's mom) says:

    Wow – we just carved pumpkins at our house.
    You make a really great-looking old guy though!

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